Preschool starts at 9:00 am every day and ends at 12:45pm. Please contact our preschool teachers if you will be late on your co-op day.

School Phone (435) 640-7459

  • Ms. Melissa (714) 809-4667
  • Ms. Rachel (801) 913-2260
  • Ms. Amanda (469) 667-9287


Our curriculum is an adaptation of The Creative Curriculum developed by educators Diane T. Dodge and Laura Colker. It is a comprehensive curriculum based on the theories of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).  We also use the Zoo-phonics program as an introduction for our students, as this program is also used in the Kindergarten classroom and in the Park City School District.


The Shining Stars Cooperative School recognizes that some parents want a higher level of involvement in their child's education. During the student's "Special Day", you and your child are there in the classroom from morning teacher prep until clean-up after school. Your child gets special privileges, such as being the line leader, beginning opening and closing circle, helping with the weather report and daily calendar activities during circle time, helping to set out snack, etc. It's a wonderful time to share with your child, and is definitely time well spent!


Daily Schedule:

9:00-9:50 - Indoor discovery, Directed Free Choice

9:50-10:00 - 5 Minute Warning and Clean-Up

10:00-10:15 - Opening Circle

1. Good Morning Song

2. Intro of Helpers and Parents

3. Calendar / Weather

4. Pledge of Allegiance

5. Exercise and Movement

10:15-10:25 - Bathroom Break and Singing

10:25-10:40 - Healthy Snack and Library

10:45-11:20 - Outdoor Discovery

11:30-12:00 - Age-Appropriate Learning Activities during Small Group Time

12:00-12:15 - Story Time and Closing Circle

12:15-12:45 - Lunchtime and Pick Up


**This is a sample of our schedule, however some flexibility for field trips, special projects and guest speakers is incorporated.


The daily schedule in our classroom includes age-appropriate activities in the following areas: Fine and Gross Motor Skills, Spatial Relations, Creative Expressions, Language, Science and Math, Self-Help, Reading Readiness, The Senses, Peer Interaction, Art Expression, Dramatic Play, Music and Movement, Community: Global and Local, Snack and Lunch Routine, and Outdoor Play.


Quick Facts:

  • Preschool Hours are 9am to 12:45pm Monday through Thursday..
  • This year you will have only the one option to pay tuition. 
  • *MONTHLY option: The remaining balance of your child’s tuition will be withdrawn monthly for 8 consecutive months starting Oct. 5th and ending May 5th.
  • These payments will be auto-deducted through checking/savings or via credit card.
  • ***A 3% credit card fee will be added to any/all payments made via credit card**


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