Shining Stars COVID-19 Policy for Sanitation/Exposure/Closure

Cleaning and Sanitation:

·        Sanitation efforts will use certified CDC products on surfaces

·        Sanitation and PPE supplies are available in all classrooms

·        Restrooms, cubbies and high touch areas will be cleaned throughout the day.  Use of items not easily cleaned will be restricted.

·        Windows will remain open when possible

·        Hand sanitizer stations were placed at both entries of the building

·        Entrance and exit plans were developed and are marked for morning arrival and afternoon departure.

·        Classroom tables have been separated to maximize social distancing.

·        Importance of handwashing and sanitizing will be reinforced and time will be built into daily schedule to allow for such activity.


Medical Procedure related to Exposure/Illness:

·        Daily at home screening measures for students and teachers

·        Parent must notify the school immediately of any positive test results of COVID-19 or any contagious illness.

o   If POSITIVE COVID-19 test result:

o   14 calendar days must pass before returning to school

o   All symptoms have resolved

o   Parent/Staff member has completed an affirmation form for return to school

o   If no COVID-19 test result:

o   All symptoms have improved or resolved

o   48 hours symptom free without the aid of medicine

o   Parent/Staff member has completed an affirmation form for return to school

o   If someone in your home tested positive for COVID-19

o   Student/Staff member should remain home until they have a negative test result

o   They have a documented release by healthcare provider or Summit County Health Department to “release from isolation/quarantine”

o   Parent/Staff member has completed an affirmation form for return to school

o   If a student/staff member is exposed to someone with a positive COVID-19 test result

o   If student/staff member was more than 6ft. apart for less than 15 minutes then they are placed on SYMPTOM WATCH.  It is important to monitor the health requirements at this time but individuals can fully participate in activities.

o   If they were in close proximity to individual for an extended period of time then the individual needs to quarantine


School Re-Closure Plan:

If confirmed cases occur within the classrooms or community, public health recommendations may dictate a temporary reclosure of our school for cleaning, disinfection.  Shining Stars will follow recommendations from Utah Health Department, the CDC, and Summit County Health Department regarding potential closures.  In the event of a closure, families will be notified via email and information will be on our website.  At this time, it is recommended that a school shut down for 14 days if 10% of the students/staff test positive for COVID-19 in a school with less than 150 people. 

·        If Shining Stars has to shut down for 14 days the building will be completely sanitized.  Teachers will prepare packets for students and daily activities/Zoom meetings will take place.  Tuition will still be charged during this time as teachers will be actively working to help educate students.

*The status of incidence will be determined by Summit County Health Department or the Utah State Health Department*





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