Testimonials from Parents:

Our family is so happy to have joined the Shining Stars community. Moving to a new town can be stressful and making new friends during a pandemic can be even more difficult, but starting our daughter at Shining Stars made the transition easier and more enjoyable for all of us. The families, staff, and teachers are a tight-knit, caring, and fun group. Co-oping allowed us to develop close relationships with the teachers and our daughter’s classmates, which opened lines of communication for everything from questions to her teacher to scheduling after school playdates. Our daughter is thriving, and we are so thankful for the education she is getting at Shining Stars. 

-Julie (2020)

I can not rave enough about our experience with Shining Stars. I have now had both of my kids go through the program. The teachers are some of the most compassionate and beautiful people my kids have ever met. My kids both discovered a love of learning and developed social skills beyond anything I could have wished for.
Being a part of this community has grounded me in Park City. I am grateful that I was able to start my kids off on the right foot at Shining Stars.
          -Eliza (2020)

Shining Stars has been one of the very best parts of my family's life in PC.  Sending my children to this amazing cooperative school was without doubt one of the very best decisions I have made as a parent.  I loved being a consistent part of my children's early classroom experiences, and also, really loved fostering the amazing community connection that is fostered at Shining Stars.  The friends I made during our years there will be friends for life - for both my children and myself.  My children came out of this school feeling confident, loved, a part of a community - and really, really prepared (you could say over-prepared!) for public school life.  When you have a group of families with a common connection and devotion to their child's early educational experience by wanting that experience to be the very best it can be, you simply can't go wrong.  At Shining Stars the foundation is set for all the years to come - and the bar is raised.  Loved every second there and miss it more than I can ever say!  Just really grateful to have been a part of it all.

-Tiffany (2010-15)

Shining Stars teachers embraced, loved and reared my son from pre-k through kindergarten. He went to school every day eager to learn and completely at ease with his teachers. He knew they truly cared, and thus it was easy for him to learn and grow. I cannot say enough positive comments about his kindergarten teachers, Ms. Laura and Ms. Melissa. They have a tangible passion and love for rearing children's minds and hearts. Besides the fact that my son entered his first grade year at the top of his class in reading and math, my son also brought with him a learned attitude of empathy and compassion for others, social skills explicitly taught and modeled by these amazing teachers. He is several weeks into his first grade year and still talks about how much he loves and misses his Shining Stars community. 5 out of 5 stars for sure.

- Nicole (2013-2015)


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